Monday 23 April 2018

Resolve SysQueryableIdentifier invoking method error while refreshing tile count in D365

In D365 in workspace Tile count is a graphical representation of showing a quick status of information. Microsoft has introduced a framework which is Automatic Data Caching by using its Referesh Frequency property we can show count on tiles. This property determines how often the count on the tile is automatically updated along with that it also provides a facility to update count manually by Update now feature on tile as shown in image.

During my development on workspace tile count I have received an error on getting the tile count which is shown in below image.

Error: (The required parameter SysDataProviderTypeFactory::newFromTypeAndIndentifier has not been provided when invoking method SysQueryableIdentifier).

Error clearly shows SysQueryableIdentifier object is unable to invoked or not provided. So when I debug my code I have found the problem. The reason of error is in Tile data cache configuration setup, Query which is bind with tile has queryable identifer column empty as show in image.

Or you can see in database by querying table SysDataCacheConfigurationTable as shown in image.

So in order to fix this issue all you need to do is to delete your record from Tile data cache configuration setup or from database, restart your IIS Server and re-run your workspace form. Framework will create a new record in SysDataCacheConfigurationTable as shown below.

That's all cheers.!!!


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