Sunday 1 July 2018

How to create self-signed certificates for test and development purposes in D365

In this blog we will discuss how we can create self-signed certificates for only test purposes during development. Make sure this procedure are not supported in production environments.

Step 1: First open Visual studio development command prompt to run following command.

Run Command and Provide Password for Certificate: 
makecert -r -pe -n "CN=IsvCertTestAuthority O=IsvCertTestAuthority" -ss CA -sr LocalMachine -a sha256 -len 2048 -cy authority -sky signature -b 01/01/2020 -sv c:\temp\CA.pvk c:\temp\CA.cer

Note: If you need to know the meanings and purpose of the command parameters you can go throught this link

Step 2: Create a certificate by using the CA.

Run Command: 
makecert -pe -n "CN=IsvCertTest O=IsvCertTest" -ss ISVStore -sr LocalMachine -a sha256 -len 2048 -cy end -sky signature -eku -ic c:\temp\ca.cer -iv c:\temp\ca.pvk -b **/**/**** -sv c:\temp\isvcert.pvk c:\temp\isvcert.cer

Note: Replace stars (Special Character) with date in above command.

Step 3: Convert the ISV certificate to PFX format.

Run Command: 
pvk2pfx -pvk c:\temp\isvcert.pvk -spc c:\temp\isvcert.cer -pfx c:\temp\isvcert.pfx -po ********

Note: Replace stars (Special Character) with your password given above. In my case my password is "123".

Step 4: Import the self-signed CA certificate manually on all the AOS instances.

Run Command: 
certutil -addstore root c:\temp\ca.cer

That is all you want to do in order to create self-signed certificates. At this navigation you can see your created certificates as shown in image.

You can also refer this link above example is taken from microsoft documents.
ISV Licensing .

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