Monday 27 August 2018

Framework events in D365

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 tables, form data sources, form controls, and other element types that support extension events list the available events (and delegates) under an Events collection node. Events are exposed on the designer on different element and sub-element types, like table events, form events, form data source events, form control events, and others.

  • Events are implemented as multi-cast delegates, which means that more than one event handler can be subscribed to any particular event.
  • Events are broadcast there is no sequencing of calls to event handlers.
  • Event handlers execute within the transaction scope of the base methods.
  • Events are raised as preceding and succeeding operations around the base methods. This means that you have the opportunity to run code before a base method is called and after it has completed.

There are three types of events that you can subscribe to in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations.
  • Standard events
  • Delegates
  • Pre/Post Events

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