Monday 18 February 2019

Rearm Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Virtual Machine

In this blog I will discuss how to Rearm Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Virtual Machine for reactivating license which maintains the virtual machine. When you updated the license it will add 180 days of evaluation period. After 180 days are over, you can extend the evaluation period for the same number of days maximum three times.

Please follow step by step process:

Step: 1
Run command prompt as Administrator.

Step: 2
Now run command Slmgr /dlv to track the remaining number of “rearm” in your virtual machine. In my case all three rearm counts are remaining.

Step: 3
Close the information box and run command Slmgr /rearm in order to rearm the windows. When you run the command system will ask for the restart of the machine.

Step: 4
After you restart the virtual machine check again the status of the windows license it will now update the count of rearm.

That is it you need to do for Rearm Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Virtual Machine.

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