Monday 25 March 2019

Job to insert a record of RetailSalesTable using X++ code in D365FO

In this blog, I will discuss how to insert a record of RetailSalesTable using X++ code.

    public static void main(Args _args)
        SalesTable              salesTable;
        RetailSalesTable        retailSalesTable;
        OMInternalOrganization  internalOrganization;

        salesTable = SalesTable::find("SalesOrderNumber");

        select firstonly Name, RecId from internalOrganization
            where internalOrganization.Name == RetailChannelTable::findByRecId(salesTable.RetailChannelTable).name();

        retailSalesTable.RetailChannel = salesTable.RetailChannelTable;
        retailSalesTable.OMInternalOrganization = internalOrganization.RecId;

That is all.

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