Tuesday 23 July 2019

How to check if your customers received their invoices via email in D365FO

One way to check if your customers got your email with the invoice attached is to request a read receipt for the sent email message. While a delivery receipt confirms delivery of your email message to the recipient's mailbox, a read receipt confirms that the recipient opened the message.

Note: In Outlook, the message recipient can also decline to send read receipts.

In this article, I will explain how to set up and use Read receipt using the Docentric free tool. Please follow step by step process.

Step: 1

In Docentric report setup (Organization administration -> Docentric AX -> Reports) select the report for which you want to specify the additional parameters related to the emailing process. Click the Settings > Email sending settings button, which opens the Email sending settings form for the selected report.

For this article example I am using the SalesInvoice.Report.

Step: 2

In the Read and Delivery receipts, Message Priority tab you can configure few more per-report and per-company settings of email fields and parameters that are not available on the Print destination settings form.

Here we can configure Read receipt address by specifying the email address at which you want to get the read receipts when emailing the report. If you leave this field empty, then no receipt will be requested from email recipients. You can enter a valid email address or the @FROM_ADDRESS@ placeholder, in which case a read receipt will be sent to the sender of the email.

That is all you need to set up in order to start receiving read receipts at your configured email address for invoices that reach their email recipients.

Now let’s email the Customer invoice report and check how the whole process looks like. Assume that Print management is configured to email invoices. Open Invoice journal and click Use print management.

When an email with the attached invoice is received, and the recipient tries to open it and read it, an Outlook’s message pops up to ask should a read receipt be sent. If the recipient clicks Yes, an automatic email will be sent to Read receipt address – in my case Tabshir@live.com that I have set up above in the Docentric report setup > Email sending settings form.

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