Tuesday 27 February 2018

Explore metadata search feature in Visual Studio (AX7 / D365)

It is often necessary to find things in the code or to find artifacts. Often times you may not know the name of the metadata element that contains your desired code. Now in AX7 / D365 we can use the Metadata Search tool to perform a complete and faster search in your Application object tree elements.

You can access the Metadata search tool window from the Dynamics 365 > Metadata Search menu command. 

By using this feature we can use different types of filters in Visual studio to search our relevant code. You can double-click any result line to navigate to  the corresponding X++ code or metadata that matches your search query.

  • Code: – search for a specific code.
  • Type: – filter the elements by type.
  • Model: – filter the elements by model.
  • Name: – filter the elements by name.
  • Property: search for element with the property with the specific value.

Note: Make sure there should not be any space in between Type values otherwise it will show "Invalid query" error.

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