Monday, 31 December 2018

Import records from Excel using X++ code in D365FO

In this blog I will discuss how we can import records from Excel file in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Please see below screenshot with source code explanation:

Explanation of Source Code (1.1):
  • Add / Use following namespaces in the class. 

Explanation of Source Code (1.2):
  • Initialize and declare classes and data types.
  • Create a dialog object, which will open as form.
  • Add controls (Import, Upload and buttons).

Explanation of Source Code (1.3):
  • Get and load Excel file.
  • Get the row count for record iteration.
  • Iterate record and get the columns values on every iteration.


That is all you need to do for creating a class which imports record from Excel.


  1. I am receiving this error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'
    fileUploadResult = fileUploadControl.getFileUploadResult(); on this line


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