Thursday 23 November 2017

EDT Array Elements in Dynamics AX2012 & AX7 / D365

In AX2012 or AX7 / D365, we have a feature of an extended data type in the Application Object Tree (AOT) that contains multiple elements. This enables you to store multiple data elements in a single field that is based on this extended data type. Typically this is done by creating an extended data type (EDT) that is an array type, and then using the EDT as the type for a field in a table. 

When I work for one of my projects in dynamics, I have a scenario in which user wants to see multiple sales orders, based on some conditions in grid. 
So on that point I have two options:
1- I should create 100 columns in my table. Or;
2- I should create a single edt containing 100 array elements.
As per good programming practice & more effective architectural design
I used option No 2. Which is shown in below image. It is more easy to handle and
more suitable.

Create EDT with Array Elements: (Sales Id Type)

Add EDT in Table:

When you add your table as datasource in Form. It creates array elements as fields.


  1. is D365 Data entity support array elements?

    1. I have never used array elements in Data Entity, but I think we can use it because at back end data entity is used as tables.

  2. Hi,
    Can u please guide me how to add array element of standard EDT in D365 FO.
    I have create extension of standard EDT and when we try to add new array element on EDT extension there is no option of add new element. So can u pls help me for this

  3. Hi Darshana,
    Can you please tell me what EDT you are trying to extend. I haven't add array element in OOTB EDT's. If you could tell me the EDT I will try to extend it and add array element into it.



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