Wednesday 22 November 2017

Release to warehouse functionality through Job X++ code

Release to warehouse in AX2012 & AX7 / D365

I have came across a scenario in which I need to run release to warehouse functionality through code, I have done some research over internet but cannot find any relevant code or solution to achieve my goal. So after some debugging & research in Dynamics AX, I am now able to run release to warehouse functionality through code. Below is the code that gives exact result as same as clicking Release to warehouse button on Sales Order Screen. This code is feasible for both AX2012 & AX7 / D365.
Note: Both the images is of the same method.

Functional understanding of Release to Warehouse:
Release to warehouse lets the picking operations at the warehouse floor commence.
On clicking release to warehouse button below mention is the flow.

- A load is created and the corresponding order lines added to it
- A wave is created (manually or automatically), and the load lines associated with it
- The wave is released (manually or automatically):
      - The allocation of inventory to pick happens, and work lines are created with the locations to pick from determined by the location directives.
- A pre-requisite depending on the AX release (CU) you have is that the inventory on sales order lines is  reserved.
- Optional steps during wave release are replenishment and containerization - extra work to move goods from bulk area to pick area and a process for packing your picked items into containers of the defined type for shipping.

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