Monday 11 December 2017

How to Connect & Setup TFS in D365 / AX7

In AX7 & D365 MorphX development environment no longer exists. Now we have to done the development on Visual Studio. For sharing and merging the code among development peers, Team foundation server is introduced. In this blog I will explain how to connect Visual studio with TFS, create a separate directory for your code which is bind with
AX7 / D365 Models and also how to setup new AX7 / D365 development environment.

Create folder named SourceCode_YourName.

Manage connection ->  add new TFS server, and use external link for TFS shared with you. (TFS server link.   http://Link_Here:8080/tfs)

Open solution explorer.


Give mapping of SourceCode_YourName folder.


Run MkLink command in order to synchronize your code with folder.

Get latest code.


After getting the latest code. Run Build and Synchronize.

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