Monday 18 December 2017

Technique to use Pre-Event Handler functionality for Protected Method in AX7 / D365

During my development I have to run a block of code before calling of method in a class. So when I tried to create a Pre-Event handler of the method it throws an error because of Protected access modifier of the method. 

So what I have done to achieve this is that I have created an extension of a class and copied the protected method and defined my code block after that, then I have simply called the base method by using next keyword. By doing this I have given my own Pre-Event handler implementation without using any event handler as shown in below images.


  1. Hi
    I am facing same issue, to give color to label in whsworkexecuteform.xpp class where i want to get posteventhandler of createlabel() method which is protected.
    How can i do this in my scenario.


  2. Hi priya,

    createlabel() is a hookable method. You can follow above blog this will help you. All you need to create a extension class of WhsWorkExecuteForm and in your extended class give implementation of this method. Or if you are facing any specific issue then please comment with screenshot if possible.



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