Monday 5 October 2020

Set up Online VM for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation for Technical and Functional Learning Purposes

In this blog, I will discuss how we set up an online VM for D365F&O for Technical and Functional learning purposes for free.

Step: 1 Click this link to set up a free Azure VM. 

Step: 2 Sign-in with your email (outlook, live, or Hotmail). 

Step: 3
Provide your details. 

Step: 4
Select roles. (I have selected roles as per technical requirement)

Step: 5
Select your level.

Step: 6
Select products you have interested in.

Step: 7 Complete the setup.

When you completed the setup, launch VM mode as shown in the image.

When VM started Type Password as shown in the image.

After you type the password basic admin provisioning command will run as shown in the below image.

As you select the password, now select sign-in email and password as shown in the images.

That is all. You can now use this VM for technical and functional learning as you like.

Note: VM has a time limit for 4 hours. Also, there is no need to create another account after the VM is expired simply re-login with your existing account and you are good to go.


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