Tuesday 12 December 2017

Best practice suppression in AX7 / D365

Best practices feature is recommended for any Microsoft Dynamics AX partner or end user who is enhancing or customizing Microsoft Dynamics AX. Suppressing best practices is not a recommended way. But in some cases we need to suppress best practices, for that we have two ways to do this in AX7 / D365.

1- One way is to use SuppressBPWarning attribute as shown below:

2- Second way to suppress best practice is by using "Edit Best Practice Suppressions" option:

Note:In some cases best practice suppression file cannot created and it throws error as shown below.

So for the resolution of this error we need to manually create an XML file in our model under this path. (Drive:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\MyModel\AxIgnoreDiagnosticList\ModelName_BPSuppressions.xml).

Now open Suppression file in Visual studio and add your IgnoreDiagnostics as shown below.

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