Friday 8 December 2017

New column is not showing in Data entity AX7 & D365

Adding columns in data entities is pretty common requirement for achieving this we need to add field in both Staging table and in Data entity table. But when I did add field in my tables and refresh the entity, new field is not shown. So after little bit of research I have find the issue. Below is the explanation.

When we add new field, we have to run the job of refreshing the data entity. Sometimes it cannot appear in data entity Columns as shown below.

The reason is of not showing the new field in data entity columns list is because of the mapping of the field among staging and data entity. So for resolving this issue we need to regenerate the data mapping of the data entity. By doing this it will map the columns again from scratch and show it to data entity columns list.


  1. Tabsheer, I can't figure out the menu path in 365FO you used to run the batch job to refresh. I tried to search for it also, but no luck. Thought it might be in LCS, but not obvious to me if so.
    Can you point to where the job exists so i can run it?

  2. Hi Chris,

    You can find this option by going on following navigation: Workspaces -> Data Management -> (When you click it, Workspace is open in this form find "Framework Parameters" tile click it, it will open a form in which find click "Entity Settings" Tab. In this Tab you will find the button name "Refresh entity list" click it, it runs the job). Just make sure your batch job service is in running state. That is all you need to do.



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