Wednesday 5 September 2018

Understanding LCS in D365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides central repository for most of the tools to prepare and deploy projects which is called "Life Cycle Service".

In LCS all the key information about a project can be seen is stored in cloud based collaboration workspace. This information can include information about project phases, and a collective repository called the asset library.  All of this information can be made available to project members.

The LCS Project workspace provides an outlined methodology showing each phase of your project, and provides high level milestones that are used to track deliverables and project goals.

As the project progresses, environments can be deployed from within LCS, The project deployment tools allow environments of different sizes to be deployed and controlled from within the project.

The Unified control of Cloud based environments within LCS allow environment deployed from within LCS to be monitored and controlled.

Perhaps most importantly, LCS provides environment aware tools to search for issues that may be occurring within the environment, search for Knowledge base issues with known fixes and apply the fixes to the environments in a controlled manner.

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